The Lowdown

12 pinballs. 18 arcades. 8 taps of wonderful, rotating craft beer. 4 gaming stations.

And the question posed to us daily is finally answered: December 18th we open our doors to the public.

Pinball is $.50 a play or 3/$1.00.
Arcades? Free.
Gaming stations? Free.
Hotdogs. Popcorn. Totino’s pizza. Soft Pretzel. Chips. All $3 and under.

The History

We had several opportunities over the last few years to take short cuts on this venture. Investors offered money but none of their time. Vendors offered games but no technicians to keep them working. Local bars offered space but no partnership.

We traveled across the Midwest and out to the coasts collecting over sixty games ranging from Space Invaders and Hydro Thunder to pinballs that even we hadn’t heard of. We learned how to work on them ourselves so when you’re bummed the game ate your quarter we don’t say,

“Let me call my guy and have him fix it.”

We are that guy. We also spent the last year traveling the US visiting arcades and arcade bars so we could find out what worked; Louisville, Portland, Cincinnati, Tarpon Springs, Atlanta, Indy and beyond. We did our homework.

We took the long road to ensure it would be us behind the bar when you grab a beer and it would be us you deal with when Elvira steals your quarter.

The wait was long but it’ll be worth it. Pinky swear, Evansville.


We’re owned by two dudes with a dream, too much free time and a lot of passion for what we do. We can’t wait to see everyone here at the arcade.